Following the Path of Breath


I’ve heard it said that it takes only one breath, with awareness, to become fully conscious. That’s powerful. One breath!

My experience with this practice is that I had to use it consistently, and for quite awhile before one breath issued that kind of effect. Following your own breath with nothing more that your conscious attention does have amazing results. There is a detachment from the “business at hand” with a shift in thinking. It’s a positive shift and has the power to move me from fear based, anxious thinking on to a “let me not go to the worst case” outcome. Very useful.

I’m not a blank-mind meditator that disappears into the cosmos. I’m much better with a focus. I may focus on my breath or listen to a guided meditation. I started using a spoken, guided journey as my path to meditation. It helped teach me how to allow myself to shelf my mind chatter. Temporarily, I learned how to take a break.

These days I find that I can focus on breathing and very soon, I relax. Nice. I am grateful for this skill and expect I will encourage myself to explore it.


About charmii25

I'm here, in this life, to enjoy a physical life of creativity, love and happiness.
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